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Quality and Care Meet at Aevitas Dentistry

Creating Healthy Smiles that Last

Our services at Aevitas Dentistry in Newmarket

We listen to your concerns and plans, and provide advice on various options available to you.

Our patients know that Aevitas Dentistry is different than most dentist clinics. Here, we focus on both quality as well as the future vision of your smile. We’re happy to provide you with a second opinion or various options on dental care, depending on where you want your smile to be five or ten years from now.

Some of the services that we provide include:

faviconCosmetic Dentistry

Our Newmarket dentists provide beautiful chairside composite veneers. Our cosmetic treatments also include crown reshaping, implants and whitening.

Brightening your smile through teeth whitening can add the appearance of a younger, more vibrant smile. It’s a great compliment to our other cosmetic treatments.

faviconOrthodontic Treatments

Choose between Invisalign orthodontics, or traditional braces  for a notably straighter smile. We provide orthodontic treatments to adults and children alike!

We can provide advice on which treatment is best suited to achieve the smile you desire and within your budget. Our high tech equipment including 3D imaging allows us to create an accurate treatment plan to achieve your goals.

faviconPreventive Dentistry

We aim to help patients avoid worn, broken down teeth and fillings through rigorous preventive methods and education. Ultimately, we want your smile to be so healthy that you only need to see us for a check-up twice each year.

faviconRestorative Techniques

Access everything from wisdom tooth extractions and root canals to small, metal-free fillings. Most of your care can be completed in our Newmarket clinic without needing to be referred elsewhere.

Payment Options

In addition to providing convenient payment plans, we also participate in the Government Dental Benefits Scheme. This means domestic students ages 13-18 typically receive full coverage for treatments like exams, cleans, and fillings. All claims are filed and reimbursed straightaway in our clinic.

We are an ACC provider for dental related accident, including lodging claims and providing ACC-approved treatment.  We are also affiliated with Southern Cross Insurance so can claim reimbursement on your behalf if you are a policy holder.

High-end comprehensive dentistry and appearance improvement at an affordable price is a reality at Aevitas Dentistry. We offer payment plans and can lodge ACC claims and Southern Cross Insurance reimbursements on your behalf. We also offer Government Dental Benefits (GBD) for eligible 13-18 year olds. Contact us today to schedule your next check-up with our Newmarket dentists.


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