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Meet Dr Dorothy Teo, BDS

Dr Dorothy Teo, Dentist Newmarket

Dr Dorothy Teo

With almost a decade of experience treating patients spanning Auckland wide, Dr Dorothy possesses a good understanding of diverse patient backgrounds and recognises the uniqueness of each individual.

With a profound understanding that one size does not fit all, she is driven with passion to ensure each patient receives the attention and personalised dental care that resonates with their specific dental needs and goals. Dr Dorothy builds her foundation of dental treatment modalities based on this well-known dental fact, that is “No two people have the same set of teeth – your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint.”

In-depth education and training

Dr Dorothy has pursued a lifelong learning in her career to stay abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry, aiming to treat her dental patients from a deeper and wider dental knowledge . This education and training include:

  • Derek Mahony Orthodontic Mini-Residency (Sydney, Australia)
  • Fahl Centre Mastering Anterior and Posterior Composites (Curitiba, Brazil)
  • gIDE Implant Foundation Program (Los Angeles,USA)
Dr Dorothy is also an Invisalign provider and waterlase trained clinician, offering patients a modern and discreet orthodontic solution to achieve more harmonic smiles with enhanced comfort and aesthetics.


Outside of dentistry, Dr Dorothy is an avid traveler and love to create a tapestry of memories. She has explored five continents so far and keen to tick off the remaining two in the coming years! As much as she loves home-cooked meals, she is also an amateur epicure who finds delights in palatable cuisine.

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