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Your Aevitas Dentistry First Visit Experience

What to Expect at Our Newmarket Clinic

New Patients at Aevitas Dentistry

We’ll discuss your immediate plans and future goals for your smile.

Is your family looking for a dentist? Aevitas Dentistry is happy to accept new patients. In fact, most of our new patients are referred by their family and friends who are already patients at our practice. It’s one of our greatest compliments!

Creating an Individual Plan for Your Smile

When you first arrive, we will have a bit of paperwork for you to complete so that we can gain an understanding of your specific smile needs. Next, we’ll take a series of photographs and X-rays for a more comprehensive view of your oral health. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your smile and share information on our in-room monitors for you to co-plan your care right alongside of us.

Some of the things we’ll want to discuss are what you want from your smile in the immediate future, as well as five to ten years from now. Everyone’s goals are different – just like our patients. You may need to be relieved of pain immediately, or be looking for a long-term cosmetic solution like beautiful veneers.

A Unique Experience

Our goal is to get each person dentally fit so that you only need to visit our Newmarket dentists twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. Relax, lay back, and enjoy a Netflix movie on our TV screen while we take care of your smile. We work hard to complete as much possible in one visit so you don’t have to keep coming back over and over for more work.

Need a Second Opinion?

If you would like a second opinion about your dental needs, we’re happy to share our advice. Feel free to bring your treatment plan from another dental clinic to see if other options are available.

Making Quality Care as Affordable as Possible

In addition to providing convenient payment plans, we also participate in the Government Dental Benefits Scheme. This means domestic students ages 13-18 typically receive full coverage for treatments like exams, cleans, and fillings. All claims are filed and reimbursed straightaway in our clinic.

We are an ACC provider for dental related accidents, including lodging claims and providing ACC-approved treatment. We are also affiliated with Southern Cross Insurance so can claim reimbursement on your behalf if you are a policy holder.

More information on our payment options.

Need treatment? Ask us about our in-house sedation options to keep you relaxed the whole time you’re here. Contact Aevitas Dentistry today to learn more!


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